Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hungarian PSA

It's a shame you could never put this public service announcement on the air in this country.

Warning: use headphones if you're at work!

Here is a translation of the dialog (though it's not really needed):

Text on biker lady’s bag: "Bike to Work"

Woman: "Would you like some tea?
Man: "Thank you, that would be lovely."

As she is listening to the noises coming from the other room, woman mutters under her breath: “you should rather be biking, too, Rezso”.

Tag line at the end is almost the same: "You should rather be biking, too", or more literally, "Ride your bike instead as well".

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There are irregularities in my MRI. My primary care physician thinks it might just be related to my head injury, but she wants a specialist to review the results. More information on Friday. More stress and worrying. (Did I mention I'm prone to anxiety?)

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