Monday, March 24, 2008

35 Pounds

Just so you don't assume that I ride a lighter-than-a-gnat's fart bicycle for my daily errands, here's my pimpin' ride.

In addition to full mudguards (with water bottle mud flaps), it has a rear rack, a tail bag, a huge 3 pound U-lock with a cable, three tail lights, and three headlights (including one with a 2 pound battery). The bike itself is a height-of 1970's Japanese steel frame with gen-yoo-wine 27" by 1.25" wheels.

The drive train is probably the newest thing on it; I upgraded it from the original ten speed to a 21 speed, courtesy of a friend of mine whose similar vintage bicycle decided to implode on a country road about year ago (unfortunately, while she was on it.)

The beauty about having a modest bicycle is that it doesn't have "steal me!" written all over it.

And hey, all that weight builds character. Yeah, right, that's the ticket. That's what I keep telling myself...

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chubbybiker said...

Saw your post on Nice ride!

I woke up one morning with the same realization except I was 52 that morning. Im inspired. Ill be visiting your blog often


Chubby Biker