Monday, March 17, 2008

David Feherty and Bicycling in Dallas

OK. Let me get this straight. A motorist can't be bothered to slow down and wait while an oncoming vehicle passes, so that he can pass safely. Well, although this is sad and criminal state of affairs, as bicyclists we're unfortunately accustomed to seeing this.

BUT...the article almost makes it sound like it's OK that the trucker chose his own safety over the cyclist's. The mind boggles.

I guess it's easy for me to forget how nice I have it here in Portland. Other than that, I'm pretty much at a loss for words.

CBS Golf Analyst Struck by Truck

Posted: 2008-03-16 22:46:56
ORLANDO, Fla. (March 15) -- Golf analyst David Feherty broke three ribs and punctured his lung when he was hit by a truck while riding his bicycle near his home in Dallas. He expects to be fully recovered in time for the Masters.

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CBS golf analyst David Feherty breaks three ribs and punctures his lung when he's hit by a truck while riding his bicycle, but expects to be fully recovered in time for the Masters. See some of the other top sports figures who have bounced back from scary accidents.

Feherty said Friday he was returning from his morning bicycle ride a day earlier when a truck hauling irrigation equipment pinched him into the curb and he was struck by the side mirror.

"He didn't want to hit the car on the left, so he ran over the cyclist on the right," Feherty said. "I don't remember a whole lot about it. There was a lady on the scene quickly, keeping me conscious. The next thing I know, I'm at Baylor Medical Center, the only hospital in the United States that doesn't have The Golf Channel."

He then asked who was leading the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Feherty is regarded as golf's most comical TV analyst, a former European tour winner and Ryder Cup player from Northern Ireland who has been working for CBS Sports since 1997.

He has taken up cycling recently, and said last year after riding along 17 Mile Drive at Pebble Beach, "It's actually 28 miles." He has been injured a few dozen times riding his bike, but he described those accidents as "pilot error."

"That's when you hit the ground and slow down. This was flying through the air and speeding up," he said. "It was entirely different, and not near as much fun. I was lucky I didn't go underneath the trailer."

Feherty said he would be hospitalized for at least a few more days, and that he had a tube sticking out of his chest.

"But it's not as bad as it sounds," he said.

CBS Sports covered the PGA Tour during much of the West Coast swing and does not have another telecast until the Masters.

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